The Prism Press Special: LUZ 03

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 03

Birds chirp on the tree tops as the boy lays resting under the shade. The chirping awakens the boy who strains to get up, however, he hasn’t regained his strength. With his back against the tree the boy’s stomach growls when an apple falls from the branches that the birds were pecking at. He grabs the fruit, polishing it with his shirt before munching on it. In the distance scraping metal sounds through the silent woods.


A Bittersweet Fruit, An Ugly Past
A Bittersweet Fruit, An Ugly Past

It is a sunny day, fire envelops a metal object while across the boy lays on the pavement like a ragdoll. In the distance a pair of figures grin in the shadows as the boy rests on the rough cement. Incensed by the treachery of the figures he senses, the boy rises up and fires back with a scowl as he walks toward the swooshing flames.

A voice echoes within the boy, “You can’t change the past or try to negotiate with it, you can only learn from it. You can start from zero again and grow.” The boy reaches in his pocket for his wallet and takes out an I.D. and tosses it into the flames. The pyre chars the boy’s name as the card pops and crackles from the heat. The nameless boy walks off in the opposite direction not looking back. Embers recede as the boy walks in the distance gazing onto the horizon with passion in his eyes.

Finishing the apple the boy looks at his surroundings as he rises, stretching his limbs. With no sign of the kitten or the girl the boy prepares to set out into the woods. Before grabbing his poncho the nameless boy plants seeds from the apple he ate in the rich soil. He treks deeper into the woods in search for the mysterious girl as he seeks answers while unaware that he’s being shadowed.



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