The Prism Press Special: LUZ 01

La Luz by Edwin Escolero

LUZ 01

A hollowing wind screams through the night as rain pelts the ground with unrelenting force. Inside a two story house, a boy with five o’clock shadow places tape on the windows in an X pattern as he battles the wicked storm alone. The surrounding neighborhood suffers a similar plight while in the distance the local power generators sparks and explode like fireworks lighting up the night sky. The boy steps outside to ascertain the cause of the crackling and thundering sounds but unbeknownst to him he’s being observed from afar.

Cautiously, the boy donned in a faded grey poncho heads to the hill that overlooks the generator. The poncho flutters in the violent wind and the street lights flicker, as the boy charges through Zephyrus’s invisible breath. As he spots the emerald flashes of light in the dark sky the boy decides to head back when he┬áspots a kitten in the sidewalk, he dashes to reach the feline before the wind gets stronger. He snatches the cat just as empty garbage cans tumble down by him rolling into the street, however, he scraps his right arm in the rescue. Wrapping the small kitty with his poncho the boy rushes toward his block when a big explosion sounds off the air followed by complete darkness.

Capa de Luz
Capa de Luz

Unable to see his own hand in front of him, the boy marches forward steadily while keeping the kitten close to his chest as the wind knocks down his hood. For a brief moment laughter echoes the air, taunting his efforts as the boy combats the dark. Elsewhere, a falling tree smashes onto a pickup truck sounding the alarm which silence the laughs. With a veil of black enveloping the block the boy uses the alarm from the pickup to follow the path to safety, however, lightning silences the truck. With his legs fatigued the boy falls to his knees with the cat in hand when suddenly a figure in a white cloak appears.

The white cloaked figure contrasts the darkness as a hand is extended toward the boy. Hesitant the boy maintains his ground when a soft voice speaks, “We’re in this together, the storm will pass and the sun will rise again.” The wind brushes off the white hood revealing a golden trail of hair that light up the night as it cascades down the girl’s shoulders and flutters in the air.

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