Individuality: The Soaring Soul

Sky Orange
Sunset sky photo by Edwin Escolero

What do we value most in our lives’ is it our sense of individuality or the inclusion within a group? Individuality is the essence of our being, who we are, our soul which is the real self. How real is your soul, are you living according to your code or are you following a group mentality?


Maverick thinking can lead to new ideas or innovations that have the potential to do good if it is nurtured in a caring manner that is honest. Take Benjamin Franklin for example, people during his era must have jeered or uttered lunacy when he wanted to harness the power of lightning. Through trial and error ideas can grow and evolve to soar high like a kite in the sky.

When conforming it is assumed that one is part of a group and accepts the ideas of the hierarchy. Whether part of a clique one is expected to follow the motion of the group without questioning anything. Not questioning certain actions can have adverse effects it they’re not done with good intentions. However, there are groups that work to¬†help out others and promote cooperation through a shared sense of responsibility.

Those who follow their own convictions respect the thoughts of others and don’t impose or force their mindset. There’s a desire for open discussion and debate to open new channels of thought and advocate growth. Cliques may wander away from discussion and use pressure if left unquestioned.

Overall, individuality may present isolation or solitude depending on who you are but conformity may lead to a false self that doesn’t bring fulfillment to the soul. Whether you agree or disagree with this blogger’s opinion about individuality and conformity is entirely your right to free will and shall be respected.


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