Calling Heroes, SOS: Start with Optimistic Strive!

Geese swimming by rocks photo by Edwin Escolero

Need a jumpstart? If you’re not a robot then you must have thought something like this when getting up in the morning. The struggles of life are real and universal but people continue in light of them. Start with optimistic strive!


Whether we have to commute to get to school, work, or “jury duty,” we have obstacles either a detour sign or “a wizard” that impedes our quest. We can’t succeed in attaining our goals without motivation when facing a “road block” in life. The drive to reach from point A to point B and the next destination is a key asset.

Effort and desire works in due time so it is important not to allow discouragement stop you from building your dream blocks. There will always be people who will disparage you saying that “you need to be put in your place,” or kick you when you’re down. When someone kicks down a sandcastle that you started to build, what do you do, do you give up building or start over. The grains of sand are your dreams and the castle’s support is your resolve.

Draw on the power of freedom. Oxford defines freedom as “power of self-determination; quality of not being controlled by fate or necessity.” So if your freedom is being restrained just hold on to your resolve and continue on your mission.

To say that life will be all sunshine and people holding hands everyday is a lie, there will be those who take cheap shots and gang up on you, but its essential that you persevere because we never know when we’ll find opportunity or when it will grace us. It’s okay to feel discouragement from time to time as it means that we are human and feel, however, we must not allow it to defeat us.

Starting a project from an interest or from something that gets you passionate is a good starting point and will help keep yourself invested even when the going gets tough. Be it photography, drawing, cooking, writing, sports, or helping people, once you get started you’ll develop a routine that you’ll enjoy and may challenge yourself to see how far you can go.

Overall, motivation and perseverance in the face of adversity is required to succeed and the ability to laugh at yourself with good humor is a plus. So when people slam the door on you just think of it like this, when a door closes a new one will open and opportunity may be closer than you realize.


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