Spring into Action, The Season for Cleaning

Is it spring already? Whether you’re the outdoors type or indoors, or both we’re a month away from summer. Now its time for some spring cleaning, a task that can be daunting for many of us, myself included. There’s so much to sort through at the home, somebody’s hovering over you criticizing how you’re doing things when you feel like saying, “Hey, buddy why don’t you come here and show me how its properly done.”

The truth is there is no one perfect approach to cleaning as everyone has their own method for doing things which yield results. Speaking from experience the key to cleaning is energy, focus, and time which can influence your motivation of seeing the task through to the end.

For starters, why not put some music to keep your spirits elevated while you do housework. Silence may work for some but music can boost morale and make the time fly as you clean.

Find the optimal time to do chores when the place is empty so you can tackle the tasks without disruptions, and walk backwards as you play the mop like a guitar when no one’s around to see.

Cleaning Utensils Sketch by Edwin Escolero


Prioritizing what chores to do first can save you time and extra work. For example, why not start with the dishes, then move to clearing the counters of lingering crumbs, and handle the floor sweep.

Finally, take out the trash after sweeping grime and collecting clutter. If there’s items that you have difficulty deciding whether to keep or not, just ask yourself when was the last time you used it. If its been gathering dust for years and is unusable, it may be time to throw that stuff out or find the nearest lava pit.

Whatever your fancy, getting started is a challenge, however, once you get into it you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in one afternoon. Remember to give yourself brief breaks to recharge when cleaning so you don’t burnout, but avoid taking too long otherwise you’ll fall into the trap of procrastination. Now spring into cleaning.


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